The Sacred Hebrew Letters – Video Art

The Sacred Letters

1. Overture of the Sacred Letters (11 minutes) which shows each of the Hebrew letters in the torah scribal style for about 30 seconds with track of special electronic music derived by assigning each Hebrew letter of the first chapter in Genesis a specific tone 1.5 seconds long and instrument and then “playing” the letters of Genesis one after the other.

2. The complete version of the Sacred Letters. (72 minutes without sound) Each of the 22 Hebrew scribal letters is presented as a separate module (4-8 minutes) with its own unique color scheme, video dance and special effects. You will find a great variation of styles, from the minimalist Dalet (ד) to the wildly psychedelic (צ), the sensual Chet (ח), the surrealist Kuf (ק) and the mandala symmetry of the Ayin (ע) and more. These “differences” have correlations with ideas from Kabbalah teachings about the letters (hinted at by the subtitle to each module).

link to subtitles to modules

Sample module: The Letter Zaddik:

It would be most effective to show as an installation each module side by side or as a 2 x 11 matrix on 22 screens each attached to its own DVD device and running continuously.

What comes to mind is the famous code א– ת ב– ש (AT-BASH) , where the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet connects to the last and the second letter with the second from the last and so on. A more complicated installation would be to place the screens inside large cardboard or plywood cutouts in the shape of the letters which would stand in middle of an exhibition space and people would pass through like in a maze and hopefully be amazed. 

More information on the Sacred Scribal Letters at



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