Even though I am devoting most of my energies now to the painted medium, my first love in artistic creation was, and probably remains, working in the video medium. Twenty years ago I made a large number of video art compositions in analog home video format, using whatever image processing and special effects devices I could get use of or devise.  About two years ago after reviewing these works I found them to be still engaging and even cutting-edge. I bought an inexpensive device to convert the works to digital and some editing programs and through my home computer I was able to rejuvenate them into works that could be presented in DVD installations and screenings. Connected to this blog is a series of posts illustrating examples of my work  with some stills taken at random from videos. The stills are only small hint as to the intensive visual dance of the real time video presentation in quality DVD. To preview the videos together, please link to my site:


The Sacred Hebrew Letters – Video Art


The Sacred Letters

1. Overture of the Sacred Letters (11 minutes) which shows each of the Hebrew letters in the torah scribal style for about 30 seconds with track of special electronic music derived by assigning each Hebrew letter of the first chapter in Genesis a specific tone 1.5 seconds long and instrument and then “playing” the letters of Genesis one after the other.

2. The complete version of the Sacred Letters. (72 minutes without sound) Each of the 22 Hebrew scribal letters is presented as a separate module (4-8 minutes) with its own unique color scheme, video dance and special effects. You will find a great variation of styles, from the minimalist Dalet (ד) to the wildly psychedelic (צ), the sensual Chet (ח), the surrealist Kuf (ק) and the mandala symmetry of the Ayin (ע) and more. These “differences” have correlations with ideas from Kabbalah teachings about the letters (hinted at by the subtitle to each module).

link to subtitles to modules

Sample module: The Letter Zaddik:

It would be most effective to show as an installation each module side by side or as a 2 x 11 matrix on 22 screens each attached to its own DVD device and running continuously.

What comes to mind is the famous code א– ת ב– ש (AT-BASH) , where the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet connects to the last and the second letter with the second from the last and so on. A more complicated installation would be to place the screens inside large cardboard or plywood cutouts in the shape of the letters which would stand in middle of an exhibition space and people would pass through like in a maze and hopefully be amazed. 

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe



Farbrengen (24 minutes) A video art interpretation of a festive gathering of the renowned Habad-Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn, with his chassidic followers. The supernal special effects and evocative narrative track attempt to render the vast excitement and spiritual energy that was generated during this typical gathering, called Farbrengen, that occurred over twenty years ago. In three parts:

Part One describes the relation of chassid to the Rebbe and the efficacy of Blessing.

Part Two presents a short discourse by the Rebbe.

Part Three concludes with a finale of chassidic songs with the Rebbe’s active participation.


Our paintings of the visage of the Rebbe:

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Voyage into the Matza Interior


5. Voyage into the Matza Interior (18 Minutes)An extended comparison of the “round” hand-kneaded matza and the full moon. Extreme close-ups of the matza texture turn into a remarkable “lunar” and even otherworldly landscape replete with crevices and craggy mountains. The micro becomes the macro and vice versa. With a modern music (electronic & flute) track, which gives it a special ambiance. It even has the sound effect of the artist munching noisily on a matza.
Some low definition samples from the composition (with a sound track) are available on YouTube:

1. Part One:

2. Part Two:

3. Part Three:

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The Lights of Hanuka

light 8

light 7

light 1

A Lamp of G-d Is a Man’s Soul: DVD video based on Video Kabbalah Meditations on the Lights of Hanukah in eight silent modules of 4-5 minutes each for a total of 30 minutes. A video art composition based on special effects and feedback interface with the actual burning lights of the Hanukah menorah but having an artistic and universal relevance not restricted to the Jewish holiday alone or a Jewish audience.

Some low definition samples from the composition (with a sound track) are available on YouTube:

The First Light:

The Fourth Light:

The Eighth Light:

Most effectively viewed as an auto-run eight monitor installation, each module being seen on separate but adjacent monitors

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Hebrew Explanation – עברית

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